Winter Cycling Congress 2020

The City of Joensuu hosts 8th international Winter Cycling Congress in Joensuu, Finland 5 – 7 of February 2020. The WCC gathers advocates and specialists of cycling together for an international event to develop winter cycling conditions reinforce the role of winter cycling as an everyday form of physical activity and to share the best practices around the world. The event is organised by the international Winter Cycling Federation.


The schedule of the International Winter Cycling Congress has been published


The schedule of the International Winter Cycling Congress has now been published. The congress focuses on promoting winter cycling and will be held in Joensuu, Finland, February 5–7, 2020. Some additions to the schedule are still on the way, so keep a close eye on the event’s website The last day to register for the conference is Monday, January 27.

The conference has three main themes: promotion of cycling all year round, carbon neutrality and health promotion.

Matti Koistinen, the Executive Director of the Finnish Cycling Association, organizes a workshop for participants to gather the best ideas and experiences that take greater account on the winter months in urban planning. The results of the workshop will be published on the Finnish Cycling Embassy’s website and their social media.

– Often, the use of squares, streets and parks is planned for the summer, and in winter, areas are reserved only for storing snow, for example. However, the use of the areas will continue throughout the year. Good example of converting urban area into winter use is turning a market square into a skating rink or a Christmas market. So why wouldn’t we get people to use the areas outside the summer time? says Koistinen.

Cycling Without Age, based in 47 countries, will share its experience at the conference. Cycling Without Age Pilots are volunteers who provide elderly people bike rides. Anthony Desnick, Development Director of the Cycling Without Age, gives the lecture.

Also, representatives of many different projects and cities from Finland will tell about cycling activities for children and young people. City of Joensuu will present its tools to reach its ambitious goal to be carbon neutral by 2025 and tell how the City of Joensuu promotes walking and cycling.

The Winter Cycling Congress is also famous for its relaxed atmosphere and other entertainment. Science Park has a sauna open for participants each day from 12am to 6pm. On Wednesday evening the participants will be challenged at the official city reception, as the power for the sound system will be generated by pedalling electric bicycles. On Thursday participants can relax at a Pecha Kucha Night. Pecha Kucha is a presentation format where the presentation usually consists of 20 images, each one displayed for only 20 seconds. The presentations will include for example introduction to Winter Bike Week in Minnesota and developing polite and safe cycling etiquette in Joensuu with youth.

Cycling around Joensuu will be possible within the conference programme, naturally. There will be several excursions organized: a guided cross-country trail tour, an art tour, an opportunity to get acquainted with the arrangements of the Winter Swimming Championships and a tour to the Joensuu Polar Bears’ winter swimming centre to try out winter swimming.

In addition, congress participants will hear about actions against climate change when Save Pond Hockey introduces their work on Friday, February 7. Winter Cycling Congress will take on the challenge and play at the tournament on Saturday 8. The team will be gathered from volunteer congress participants. Everyone is welcome to participate and cheer the Winter Cycling Congress team on to victory. Some of the excursions will have separate registration on the event website.

This is Joensuu


Geographically the city of Joensuu extends close to the Russian border, about 70 km from the Joensuu city center. The distance between Joensuu and Finland’s capital city of Helsinki is about 450 km (4,5 hours by train, 1 hour by plane), and the distance from Joensuu to St. Petersburg, home to 5 million people, is under 400 km.


The City of Joensuu is organizing the Winter Cycling Congress in 2020. We are looking forward to see you next year!

See you in Joensuu thank you!

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