Winter Cycling Congress 2020

The City of Joensuu hosts 8th international Winter Cycling Congress in Joensuu, Finland 5 – 7 of February 2020. The WCC gathers advocates and specialists of cycling together for an international event to develop winter cycling conditions reinforce the role of winter cycling as an everyday form of physical activity and to share the best practices around the world. The event is organised by the international Winter Cycling Federation.


Registration for the Winter Cycling Congress is now open


Registration for the international Winter Cycling Congress has been opened! The congress will take place in Joensuu Arena 4.2.–7.2.2020. Three-day Early Bird tickets are available until the end of this year.

Through the Winter Cycling Congress 2020 Call for Papers, Joensuu got 40 proposals from all over the world. There were proposals from Finland, Canada, North America, Germany, Slovakia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. Announcements of the official speakers will start soon.


Multiple sideshows and other entertaining events will keep the congress visitors busy throughout the congress

Official program of the Winter Cycling Congress starts on Tuesday February 4th in Helsinki. Helsinki Cycling Office and Network of Finnish Cycling Municipalities will host a seminar offering the participants a chance to explore Helsinki as a winter cycling city. A train trip to Joensuu is arranged for participants travelling to Joensuu after the seminar in Helsinki.

During the conference in Joensuu participants can take part on various Mobile tours. On one of the tours guests will learn about the arrangements of the Winter Swimming Finnish Championships which will be held on Saturday 8th at Ilosaari, centre of Joensuu. Leader of the Championships Mikko Hautasaari will make the introduction. There will also be an opportunity to try winter swimming with sauna at the local ice swimming association Joensuu Polar Bears’ winter swimming center. One Mobile tour is going to be organized to explore art around the city and to make a tour of the award winning wooden block of flats, Lighthouse Penttilä. This 14-floor-high building binds carbon dioxide and acts as a carbon store throughout its life cycle. Lighthouse’s wood product components have captured carbon in an amount equivalent to approximately 700 cars’ emissions in one year.

February 7th on Friday congress participants will hear about actions against climate change when Save Pond Hockey introduces their work at the congress. Winter Cycling Congress will take on the challenge and play at the tournament on Saturday 8th. The team will be gathered from volunteer congress participants. Everyone is welcome to participate and cheer the Winter Cycling Congress team on to victory.

There is plenty of additional program planned also after the congress. Excursion filled with activities to national park Koli on Saturday 8th will take participants to explore unique landscapes and enjoy North Karelian winter to the fullest.



This is Joensuu


Geographically the city of Joensuu extends close to the Russian border, about 70 km from the Joensuu city center. The distance between Joensuu and Finland’s capital city of Helsinki is about 450 km (4,5 hours by train, 1 hour by plane), and the distance from Joensuu to St. Petersburg, home to 5 million people, is under 400 km.


The City of Joensuu is organizing the Winter Cycling Congress in 2020. We are looking forward to see you next year!

See you in Joensuu thank you!

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