Partners in WCC2020


The European Union funds WCC2020 through ‘Vitality from Events’ project operated by the City of Joensuu.



The Regional Council of North Karelia is regional, politically guided, municipal coalition for the development and interest supervision in the region. It is responsible for regional planning and general coordination of regional development programs related to national and EU structural funds. The Council oversees the interests of the people, municipalities, organizations and enterprises and speaks on their behalf regarding both national and international questions.






Climate Joensuu – climate action from Joensuu

Climate Joensuu is a gathering point for all the information about climate action taken in Joensuu. We share the latest news about the advancement of strategic climate action in Joensuu and how our businesses, organizations and residents are contributing their efforts. Every deed matters and we’re always here for support. Together we aim for total carbon neutrality.

Climate Joensuu is run by Climate Blocks. We have a website and we’re spread across three different social media accounts. We are finding out what life with reduced emissions will look like, here in Joensuu.




Ramboll is a leading international engineering, design and consultancy company with 15,500 experts worldwide. In Finland, Ramboll employs 2,500 people across the country. We deliver to our clients innovative solutions in markets as diverse as Transport, Planning & Urban Design, Buildings, Construction Management, Water, and Environment & Health. With the help of our experts and strong insight, we create solutions that truly strengthen the whole society. More information available at


Suomi Tyres manufactures the world’s best studded tyres. Suomi Tyres’ factory is located in Lieksa, North Karelia region nearby Joensuu and has unique expertise in the manufacture of studded tyres. The selection includes all kinds of studded tyres – from city bikes to mountain bikes for hardcore bikers.





Sokos Hotel Koli & Sokos Hotel Bomba

IN KOLI, THE LANDSCAPE IS PART OF THE DÉCOR. In the rooms of Break Sokos Hotel Koli, refurbished in 2018, time stands still and your mind is soothed by the views of the national park spread before you through the windows. Continuing a travel tradition started over a century ago, this holiday location is a popular place for meetings, seminars, for relaxation with co-workers and family celebrations.

The 347 metre peaks of Koli are sure to impress everyone. In winter, southern Finland’s highest ski slopes are just round the corner from Break Hotel Koli, and in summer the starting point of the area’s award-winning hiking tours is no further away. The vast Lake Pielinen invites you to enjoy a boat trip on the water, fishing or just relaxing on the beach. For a little contrast to the towering peaks of Koli, those in search of adventure go underground, into Finland’s largest cave system. The majestic scenery is the perfect backdrop for life’s special moments.

THE REBORN SPA HOTEL BOMBA PUTS AN END TO STRESS. You can empty your mind watching the flames dancing in the lobby fireplace, or by wandering without a hurry in a bathrobe and slippers from your room to the relaxing baths of the spa. In addition to Bomba’s spacious hotel rooms, you can stay in a characterful log house in the nearby Karelian village.

You can spend some memorable moments at the Bomba house studying Karelian culture or walking the Silent Path to the Orthodox chapel. Outdoor types will be delighted by the hiking and skiing trails that go into the forest from the hotel’s yard, as well as one of Finland’s most beautiful golf courses on the shores of Lake Pielinen. For the more adventurous, there are guided quadbike and jet ski safaris, as well as flyboarding.




Sitowise is a specialist consulting company with 1,700 personnel that provides its customers the full range of built environment services from planning to expert and digital services under the same roof. We are one of the largest planning and consulting agencies in the construction industry in Finland, the leading expert in diversified urban projects, and a pioneer in data-driven management and data modelling. Our  comprehensive services generate new and repair old – thus creating a sustainable and intelligent living environment.



Exactly 25 years ago, Limburg pioneered the concept of a ‘cycle node network’. Over the past decades, our province has grown into a true cyclist’s paradise. Every year, over two million cyclists enjoy our varied landscape, authentic heritage and hospitable town and village centers through our 2.000 km signposted bicycle path network. Recreational cycling is a first step to getting people on a bike. Together with Visit Flanders, IMOB (Hasselt University) and Flanders’ Bike Valley we’re continuously working to create a 365 days-a-year cycling and mobility paradise in Limburg.”








Finnish Road Safety Council

We all know winter cycling is fun, but what are the safety issues related to year-round cycling? At the Finnish Road Safety Council’s (Liikenneturva) Winter Cycling Safety Studio visitors can test and even try out different safety products: front and back bicycle lights, bells, helmets, tyres and reflectors. Proper adjustment of lights can be tested with our everyday winter bike and with a variety of helmets we’ll show that safety equipment does not have to be dull – quite the contrary.

Safe cycling is not only about the equipment. In our studio we’ll give an overall image of cyclist’s safety in Finland, statistics and latest research data on the actual safety as well the feeling of safety. There will also be anticipatory cycling tips and advice on how to avoid hazards when cycling in winter.

Besides data and know how local vibes haven’t been forgotten. Visitors can have their picture taken with frames both in English and in North Carelian Finnish: the polaroid functions also as a keep sake that reminds of the visit in the Winter Cycling Congress in Joensuu.



Finnish Cyclists’ Federation & Finnish Cycling Embassy

Almost everyone cycles, even occasionally. A good cycling environment, logical rules of the road and safe bike parking are required for comfortable and smooth cycling. The Finnish Cyclists’ Federation promotes the development of cycling conditions and the promotion of cycling as an equitable mode of transport alongside motor traffic. So whether you are cycling daily, occasionally running errands or exercising on Sundays, the Finnish Cyclists’ Federation will safeguard your interests!

The Finnish Cycling Embassy was founded in in March 2015. The goal is to speed up cycling-friendly decision making in Finland and on the other hand, to promote the export of Finnish cycling know-how abroad. The Finnish Cycling Embassy is a know-how consortium of the leading experts in promoting cycling.